The Garden

Discover our Garden of Eden, a heavenly setting

Come and enjoy our green space, an idyllic setting combining beauty and calm. Indeed, take a break under the blue Moroccan sky to recharge your batteries and rest.

Rediscover the pleasure of swimming at Maria Towers

Take advantage of a green outdoor space and a swimming pool of more than 160m² to refresh yourself and spend a pleasant moment with family or friends.

Want to get away from it all?

You don't have to swim to enjoy the pool. Take a seat at the edge of the pool and enjoy a moment of relaxation to the rhythm of the water. Its hypnotic murmur accompanies you in your dreamy stroll and instantly waters the depths of your being.

Looking for nature?

Like an oasis in the desert, Maria Towers is an oasis in the medina. Awaken your senses by walking through the gardens of the estate where nature and man are united. A henhouse has been set up to bring you fresh eggs every day.

Need a moment to relax?

Breaking away from a hectic daily routine, suspending the course of time, recharging your batteries to access a world of plenitude, such is our wish for you. As an invitation to relaxation and the celebration of the senses, your visit to the Jacuzzi will allow you to discover the benefits of a bubble bath.

Suites accommodation

Designed as a privileged almost private place where you'll feel right at home